Four myths obscuring cybersecurity’s full value

Embracing the Minimum Effective mindset involves taking a return-on-investment-driven approach In a recent report, Gartner, Inc. challenges prevailing notions in cybersecurity and urges Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to adopt a “Minimum Effective” mindset to enhance the impact of their security programs. The research reveals that several myths surrounding cybersecurity…

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Integrating cybersecurity with business outcomes

CISOs embrace a holistic approach In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are stepping up to the plate, going beyond their traditional roles of safeguarding organizations from cyber threats. With a keen eye on business success, CISOs are expanding their expertise to align technology solutions with…

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How CISOs can maximize security effectiveness

Four myths obscuring cybersecurity’s full value According to Gartner, there are four common myths that hinder the full value of cybersecurity for enterprises and impede the effectiveness of security programs. Gartner recommends that Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) adopt a “Minimum Effective” mindset to maximize the impact of cybersecurity for…

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Top eight cybersecurity predictions for 2023-2024

These predictions are a signal flare for some of those things we see emerging Fifty percent of chief information security officers (CISOs) will adopt human centric design to reduce cybersecurity operational friction; large enterprises will focus on implementing zero-trust programs; and half of cybersecurity leaders will have unsuccessfully tried to…

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BSIMM11 Digest: The CISO’s Guide to Modern AppSec

Many organizations have struggled to adapt and improve their application security (AppSec) to keep pace with development cycles. To succeed, AppSec must be integrated into every stage of the development pipeline—in other words, DevSecOps. How can security leaders know how much is too much when it comes to their AppSec… Read More

Embracing disruption in the financial services industry: A Privacy versus Security conundrum

Sponsored Content: Recently IT Security experts from Singapore and Philippines joined BlackBerry and Focus Networks to discuss security and privacy. Security and privacy are two different concepts that often can be associated with each other, but it is entirely possible for organisations to secure themselves, but still not be private.…

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Securing digital transformation needs C-Suite involvement

CIOs and CISOs must work closely with the C-suite to justify security budgets. As C-Suites work closer with technology, enabling them to explore more data-driven, real-time enhancements of the business than ever before, CIOs and CISOs have to be able to guide them and help them along the digital transformation…

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