The urgent need for software supply chain security

Malicious actors have become more adept at targeting the software supply chain The surge in software supply chain attacks has exposed a lack of readiness among organizations, making every software builder a potential target. To address this growing concern and provide guidance on safeguarding software supply chains, International Data Corporation…

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DevSecOps is the most transformative digitization challenge yet

Moving apps into production represents the most complex phase of app modernization Enterprises face their most transformative challenge to date: implementing a DevSecOps methodology. However, technical, and cultural barriers continue to block the path to unify developer and IT ops teams. A recent peak in high-profile cybersecurity threats (including Log4j)…

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21 per cent of Indian organizations incorporate security testing

Leaders are looking to change their strategies In a recent IDC Market Presentation titled Are India Enterprises DevSecOps-Ready? State of DevSecOps Adoption in India, IDC provides deep insights on uniting security with DevOps to accelerate innovation and application delivery. This report also provides insights into DevSecOps initiatives, tools, practices, and policies…

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Synopsys Roundtable: Hard lessons to be learnt from the SolarWinds attack

Sponsored content: Wednesday, 17th March 2021 – ANZ On Dec 11, 2020, the SolarWinds Orion security breach, a.k.a. SUNBURST, impacted numerous U.S. government agencies, business customers and consulting firms. Hackers managed to plant a backdoor in the SolarWinds system which is widely used across both Government and Private organisations. The…

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BSIMM11 Digest: The CISO’s Guide to Modern AppSec

Many organizations have struggled to adapt and improve their application security (AppSec) to keep pace with development cycles. To succeed, AppSec must be integrated into every stage of the development pipeline—in other words, DevSecOps. How can security leaders know how much is too much when it comes to their AppSec… Read More