Westpac offers Tap to Pay on iPhone

This eliminates the need for additional hardware or payment terminals

Westpac, a financial institution, has announced the enablement of Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone contactless payment technology. This new feature provides business customers with an easy and secure payment option to accept in-person contactless payments using their compatible iPhone.

With Tap to Pay on iPhone, businesses can accept various forms of contactless payments, including Apple Pay, contactless credit and debit cards, and other digital wallets, using only their iPhone and Westpac EFTPOS Air iOS app. This eliminates the need for additional hardware or payment terminals.

Using the EFTPOS Air app, merchants can prompt customers to hold their contactless payment near the merchant’s iPhone at checkout. The payment is securely completed using NFC technology. The feature also supports PIN entry, including accessibility options. Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone prioritizes privacy and security by not storing card numbers on the device or Apple servers.

Chris de Bruin, Westpac’s Chief Executive of Consumer and Business Banking, expressed enthusiasm for the new payment option, highlighting its flexibility and speed. He emphasized that businesses can quickly onboard and start accepting secure payments on-the-go using only an iPhone and the EFTPOS Air iOS app. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate remotely or require mobile payment acceptance, such as tradies, delivery drivers, hairdressers, mechanics, florists, and more.

The introduction of Tap to Pay on iPhone aligns with Westpac’s strategy to provide customers with easy, safe, and reliable payment solutions while driving business efficiencies.



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