Waton Securities dedicated to fostering employment

With many opportunities for people with disabilities

Waton Securities has formed a partnership with the CanYou Group to establish an online customer service center in Shenzhen, China, aimed at providing job opportunities and employment training support for people with disabilities in the finance industry. The CanYou Group, a comprehensive platform for barrier-free social services, has a track record of achieving stable employment for over 5,000 people with disabilities across China. Waton Securities, a financial technology enterprise, is dedicated to promoting inclusive finance and supporting charitable and public welfare endeavors.

The collaboration between Waton Securities and the CanYou Group reflects the growing need to integrate people with disabilities into the job market, considering the advancements in innovative technologies. Despite the progress made, individuals with disabilities still encounter obstacles in accessing employment resources. Overcoming these challenges requires collective efforts from enterprises and society as a whole.

By combining their resources and expertise, Waton Securities and the CanYou Group aim to facilitate employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Waton Securities remains committed to exploring new models and approaches to support vulnerable groups, leveraging financial technology to create a more equitable world for their customers, employees, and society at large.



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