Transdev Australasia transitions to Cloud-based asset management

Embarking on a whole of business Cloud transition.

Transdev Australasia will use Infor CloudSuite EAM solution to underpin its company-wide transition to cloud-based asset management.

The company operates buses, ferries, light rail, and rail services across Australia and New Zealand; it has worked with Infor since 2015.

Transdev Australasia CIO, Peter Orlowski said when the organisation decided to embark on a whole-of-business cloud migration, partnering with Infor made sense.

“We have had a strong and productive relationship with Infor and their experience and expertise complimented our needs as we shift more of our business to the cloud,” he said. “We have set a fairly aggressive timeline for the delivery of our asset management solution, and we are confident in Infor’s experience and agile method of implementation that we can deliver a solution that is robust, secure and importantly, meets the needs of our business.

Infor will be key to Transdev’s plans to:

  • establish a centralised asset strategy
  • standardise and simplify group-wide processes
  • implement cloud technology around automation, internet of things and telemetry integrations
  • address customer expectations underpinning Transdev’s asset strategy
  • manage audit trails

“Transport is a fast-paced industry and is essential to keeping Australia and New Zealand moving post-COVID, and the ability to manage our assets and inventory through a safe, secure, real-time cloud-based platform is critical,” said Orlowski.

Locally based in the Australasia region since 1998, Transdev partners with Governments to deliver more than 145 million customer journeys each year. It is anticipated that the implementation will streamline internal processes and benefit end users across Transdev’s businesses.

As part of the agreement, Transdev will roll out a range of Infor cloud-based solutions including:

Investing in a new go-to-market model for digital natives to drive innovation. Build momentum around hybrid IT and consumption-based pricing to improve mind share with digital natives.




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