Tencent reveals AI programs

Creating opportunities in AI.

Tencent has unveiled its comprehensive blueprint for the development of its Artificial Intelligence technologies at the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai.

The ICT company announced its Light 2.0 Program and four new platforms including an AI pan-entertainment platform, an AI console for broadcasting and TV media, a content review platform, and an industrial AI platform.

With the launch of an open AI ecosystem, Tencent is seeking to further unlock the value in the AI industry, reinforce the company’s leadership in AI, and kickstart a new round of innovation in AI.

The Light 2.0 Program and four new platforms aim to unlock the benefits of accumulated technologies and capabilities, inspire and train young AI talent for tomorrow, and speed up the integration of AI with industries.

The program, which follows from its predecessor Light 1.0 in 2019, takes advantage of technologies, products, resources, and projects from Tencent and its partners in AI.

It also provides a communication and experimental platform that promotes cooperation between industry and higher education and facilitates the training and development of future leaders.

Dowson Tong, senior executive vice president of Tencent and President of Cloud and Smart Industries Group, pointed out that AI is a core technology in the new infrastructure and the “CPU” of the industrial Internet.

Integrating AI with 5G, blockchain, Cloud computing, and other technologies will drive development and help AI realise its potential.




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