Telstra connects with Profectus Group’s audit expertise

Profectus will conduct audits of invoices from one of Telstra’s suppliers

Profectus Group, a technology-driven services provider specializing in compliance and recovery solutions, has entered into an agreement with Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider. The collaboration aims to help Telstra identify instances of overcharging by its suppliers.

Telstra offers a comprehensive range of communications services and is a major player in the telecommunications market in Australia. With millions of retail mobile and fixed service customers, Telstra relies on a network of suppliers to support its operations.

Under the agreement, Profectus will conduct audits of invoices from one of Telstra’s suppliers to identify any instances of overcharging. Profectus will assist Telstra in recovering any financial losses resulting from these overcharges. Additionally, Profectus is well-positioned to help suppliers identify and rectify errors in their invoicing processes to prevent future issues.

Chris Hutchins, CEO of Profectus Group, emphasized Telstra’s significance to the Australian economy and its extensive supply chain that impacts various aspects of Australian life. The partnership with Profectus demonstrates Telstra’s commitment to ensuring a healthy supply chain and ensuring the best outcomes for its stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, and customers.

By proactively addressing invoicing errors and overcharging, Telstra aims to optimize its operations and enhance the value it provides to its customers and the broader community.



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