Fire and Rescue New South Wales extends safety

New service extends the reach and capability of resilient, secure communication

Fire and Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) has implemented SmartConnect, a new service provided by Motorola Solutions, to enhance its mission-critical radio communications. SmartConnect ensures reliable and uninterrupted communication by automatically switching between Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks and the best available broadband services. The service also enables connectivity via satellite for extended coverage in remote areas.

FRNSW plays a crucial role in providing emergency response, firefighting, and rescue services to enhance community safety and resilience. Given the frequency of bushfires in Australia’s hot and dry climate, FRNSW’s communication capabilities are vital for effective emergency response.

Motorola Solutions’ managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Con Balaskas, highlights that SmartConnect helps ensure FRNSW personnel remain connected to essential voice communication in all circumstances. By seamlessly switching between LMR and broadband networks, SmartConnect enables firefighters to focus on their mission with the knowledge that their communication can adapt to their location.

The SmartConnect service prioritizes security by maintaining end-to-end encryption for voice communication, even during transitions between LMR, LTE, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks. Additionally, the service mitigates the risk of communication dead spots in areas where coverage may suddenly drop, such as garages or built-up city environments.

FRNSW’s adoption of SmartConnect aligns with its Connected Firefighter program, aimed at equipping firefighters with the latest information and communication technologies. This initiative is a response to the recommendations of the 2019-20 Bushfire Inquiry and is part of the New South Wales Government’s AUD $US80 million investment in enhanced fire service technologies and facilities.



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