Revolutionary AI-generated advertising campaign

Vpon Big Data Group teams up with Hong Kong brand Mezzanine Makers

Vpon Big Data Group, the leading big data company in Asia, has successfully developed the AI visual generative system “InVnity”, utilizing AI and big data to generate and optimize advertising design and delivery. The system is 10 times more efficient than the design workflow in the past, with the precise design requirements and keywords, the AI system will automatically generate high-quality advertising visuals with various creative to choose from. Then, “InVnity” would identify tags such as age, location, and behaviour of the target audience to match the most relevant advertisement for everyone, and continuously monitors, evaluates, and optimizes the effectiveness of the advertisement in real-time. The first client to use the revolutionary AI creative system is the Hong Kong-based soft drinks brand Mezzanine Makers. Through “InVnity”, a series of AI-powered advertisements were created, and the innovative collaboration campaign has already launched.

10x More Efficient, Breakthrough the Boundaries of Reality

As Asia’s leading big data expert, Vpon reaches over 900 million mobile devices every month, holds a vast amount of mobile device data, and possesses high-quality media resources in the Asia-Pacific region. Recently, Vpon has successfully developed the AI visual generative system “InVnity”. With “InVnity”, when the creators input the requirements and keywords based on their understanding of the target audiences, the system will autonomously generate an abundant of high-quality advertisements. This process is up to 10 times more efficient than the visual generating process in the past, allowing designers to explore more possibilities with a few clicks. From realistic painting and comic styles to portraits and scenery photographs, “InVnity” can generate a diversified artistic style in response to the prompts. However, the true power of “InVnity” is beyond reality. Creators can envision their products in surreal setting in just a split second, such as historical and futuristic scenery, which would require a large amount of production cost and resources in real life.

AI-powered Analytics, Reaching the Full Potential

Vpon’s AI visual generative system “InVnity” has been adopted by Mezzanine Makers, a Hong Kong-based boutique soft drink brand, as its first user. Vpon’s professional team created a series of advertising visuals with “InVnity” tailored for the target audiences of Mezzanine Makers. The system’s AI capabilities allow it to learn from real-time advertising results and continuously optimize the visual material based on big data analysis. Fanko Yim, Global Solutions Director of Vpon Big Data Group, stated that “Mezzanine Makers has a diversified targeting group. Making good use of AI technologies like ‘InVnity’ allows Vpon to quickly provide a range of advertising designs for our clients in a relatively cost-effective way. To overcoming the pain points of designers and the limitation of resources, we specifically designed the ‘dreambooth’ function in “InVnity”, which can generate quality designs using our client’s product photos as the main subject. Creators then can quickly modify details partially such as background and clothing with the ‘inpainting’ function, for a highly flexible advertising design experience.”

Arthur Chan, Chief Operating Officer of Vpon Big Data Group, believes that integrating AI and big data will drive significant breakthroughs in the advertising industry. “Artificial intelligence is changing the world rapidly. We can foresee that AI would be found at every corner of business activities very soon,” he explains. “Therefore, Vpon will not cease our AI innovation. ‘InVnity’ will keep on learning and improving from our database, while simultaneously collecting visual-based data with the new technology, further our understanding of the audiences.” The goal of Vpon’s leading AI technology team is to leverage “InVnity” to deliver cost-effective, hyper-personalised, and innovative advertising designs to individual brand audiences, ensuring that each potential customer receives a brand message that resonates with them on a deeper level.

Adrian Ng, the co-founder of Mezzanine Makers, expressed his excitement at the brand’s ability to reach the public in a new and unique way. “As a Hong Kong-based brand, Mezzanine Makers has always drawn inspiration from old Hong Kong in its designs. The unique styles of these AI-powered advertisement by Vpon perfectly aligns with our innovative brand image. As an independent boutique soft drink brand, we may not have the resources to always ensure the effectiveness of our advertisements, meaning we could potentially miss out when a change of visual or strategy is needed. However, with the “InVnity” AI system, the advertising performances are analysed autonomously for real-time optimization of the strategy and visuals, ensuring the advertisement are amplifying our brand message, none of our resources would go wasted.”

For Vpon, “InVnity” is merely the starting point of the company’s AI development. They will continue to enhance the system’s capability and user’s journey, take advantage of their big data expertise to tailor to the needs of the brands, surpassing other AI generator currently available on the market. With a focus on innovative technologies, Vpon is striving to revolutionize the advertising industry and break through existing limitations.



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