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Tasmania’s emergency services new communications network

Tasmania is gearing up to enhance its emergency response capabilities as state agencies prepare to transition to a new emergency services communications network. The network, known as the Tasmanian Government Radio Network (TasGRN), will be provided by Telstra and Motorola Solutions in partnership with the Tasmanian government.

Minister for Police, Fire, and Emergency Management, Felix Ellis, announced that the transition process will commence in July, with eight agencies being the first to adopt the new network. The move comes as a response to the pressing need for reliable and interoperable radio communications tools for emergency service workers across the state.

Minister Ellis emphasized the importance of equipping first responders with advanced communication systems that match the critical nature of their life-saving work. The TasGRN aims to address this need by offering enhanced interoperability, expanded coverage, secure encrypted communications, and a modern user interface for emergency service workers.

The Tasmanian government, in collaboration with partner agencies, has invested a total of $US763 million to establish the TasGRN. This significant investment reflects the commitment to ensuring the safety of emergency service workers and the community at large.

The transition to the new network will be carried out in stages, beginning with Hydro Tasmania, TasNetworks, Parks and Wildlife, and Sustainable Timber Tasmania in August. Subsequently, the police, fire, and emergency services will follow suit, benefitting from the improved communication capabilities of the TasGRN.

Minister Ellis highlighted the positive impact of the TasGRN project on the local economy, noting that it has created up to 50 jobs during the three-year construction phase. Additionally, more positions will be recruited to oversee and manage the network once it is fully operational later this year.

As an added advantage, the TasGRN implementation will result in improved mobile phone coverage for Telstra users across Tasmania, particularly in regional areas. This enhancement in coverage will be provided at no cost to the state, further benefiting the community by enabling better communication access during emergencies.

The Tasmanian Government Radio Network marks a significant step forward in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of emergency response operations throughout the state. By harnessing modern communication technologies, Tasmania aims to empower its first responders with the high-performing equipment needed to safeguard both their own well-being and that of the community they serve.



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