Developing smart healthcare solutions in Thailand

The MoU signifies the expansion of NEC’s earlier trial with a local nursing home in Chiang Mai

NEC Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. (NEC Thailand) has entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Chiang Mai Municipality to embark on a transformative journey towards establishing Chiang Mai as a smart city. The collaboration will commence with the development of a digital platform for the district’s healthcare system, focusing initially on healthcare facilities catering to the elderly and chronically ill patients.

The MoU signifies the expansion of NEC’s earlier trial with a local nursing home in Chiang Mai to a broader initiative involving the municipality. Thailand’s healthcare system faces the challenge of adapting to an ageing population, and this partnership aims to pioneer the development of a digital health platform in three key phases, benefiting patients in Chiang Mai.

Ichiro Kurihara, President of NEC Thailand, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to take this significant step forward by partnering with Chiang Mai Municipality. Thailand needs to evolve its healthcare system to manage the effects of an ageing population, and we are glad to be at the forefront of this digital transformation journey, working closely with the local authorities.”

As the designated technology partner in this collaboration, NEC, along with participating healthcare providers, will deploy Internet of Things (IoT) devices in healthcare facilities during the first phase. Additionally, an application will be introduced to notify caregivers and patients’ relatives in case of emergencies, such as falls or instances when a patient feels unwell.

In the second phase, NEC will further support caregivers by implementing an application that enables remote health monitoring through cloud-based systems. The application will also empower patients to manage their appointments and medication requests, significantly reducing the workload of healthcare assistants.

Furthermore, NEC will assist Chiang Mai Municipality in facilitating Tele-Medicine services, allowing patients to receive diagnoses and consultations for mild illnesses or follow-up treatments from the comfort of their homes.

Kurihara emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This partnership marks a significant milestone in NEC’s vision of creating sustainable societies empowered by technology. We have identified healthcare as a critical area for improvement in Thailand, particularly in managing the effects of an ageing population. Through the digital platform for Chiang Mai’s healthcare system in phase one, we aim to enhance access to quality medical services and improve the overall well-being of residents. We are excited about this collaboration and look forward to working closely with Chiang Mai Municipality to shape the future of Chiang Mai.”

The collaboration between NEC Thailand and Chiang Mai Municipality showcases a commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to enhance healthcare services and promote the well-being of the community. By introducing smart city solutions and pioneering the transformation of Chiang Mai into a smart city, this partnership sets a positive example for the integration of technology in addressing the evolving needs of healthcare systems.



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