McDonalds faces data breach in Asia

Famous golden arches fast food chain reports customer’s data access in Asia.

A number of media outlets have reported the fast food chain McDonlads has been the victim of a data breach.

According to NPR McDonalds stated during its investigation determined that only South Korea and Taiwan had customer personal data accessed, and that they would be taking steps to notify regulators and also the customers who may be impacted. No customer payment information was exposed.

“While we were able to close off access quickly after identification, our investigation has determined that a small number of files were accessed, some of which contained personal data,” said McDonlads.

The company said that it worked with “experienced third parties” to conduct a “thorough investigation” after identifying unauthorized activity on its network.

“In the coming days, a few additional markets will take steps to address files that contained employee personal data,” McDonald’s added in a statement, though it did not disclose which markets were hit by the breach.

Retuers reports the attackers accessed e-mails, phone numbers and delivery addresses, but the breach did not include customer payment information, the company said.

This recent incident, follows an onslaught of global cyber security breaches ranging from utilities to hospitals and now a famous fast food chain, in the first six months of 2021.





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