Lao Telecom works with Huawei to ease traffic growth

Eased the network congestion in hotspot areas and greatly improved user experience.

Lao Telecom recently worked with Huawei to verify the enhanced FDD smart massive MIMO solution based on Huawei’s latest software version of eRAN17.1.

Over the past few years, Lao Telecom has seen a rapid growth in traffic, with the average monthly data usage per user exceeding 25 GB, the growth was especially significant in hotspot areas.

Networks in the traditional 4T4R 6-sector form were also congested, putting user experience at risk. To accommodate this trend, Lao Telecom adopted the FDD dual-band massive MIMO solution in 2020 in hotspot areas.

The operator has also managed to expand network capacity to 1.9 times as large as that of a 4T4R 6-sector network, without adding sites or spectrum resources. Suppressed traffic was therefore significantly released. The joint test taken this year proved that the enhanced FDD massive MIMO solution further improved the network performance for Lao Telecom.

This paves the way for large-scale commercial use of massive MIMO, said Latthapanya Khieovongphachanh CTO of Lao Telecom.

“Huawei’s MIMO solution effectively eased the network congestion in hotspot areas and greatly improved user experience,” he said.


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