G-Star RAW creates connected global workplace

G-Star emphasizes the quality of support received from Avaya

G-Star RAW, a renowned clothing brand, has partnered with Avaya to enable seamless collaboration between its staff across global locations and alleviate the workload on its small IT team. By implementing Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral, G-Star can efficiently handle a high volume of calls from customers, partners, investors, and employees, covering various topics such as payroll and return policies. The solution has also brought cost efficiencies compared to the legacy Avaya system previously in use.

G-Star emphasizes the quality of support received from Avaya and highlights the lower total cost of ownership (TCO) offered by Avaya Cloud Office. The familiarity of the Avaya brand and the similarity in look and feel of the system have resulted in a smooth transition for employees, reducing the need for extensive training.

The adoption of Avaya Cloud Office is an important step in G-Star’s digital transformation journey, empowering employees to communicate flexibly from anywhere, using any device. This enables them to better serve customers, work more productively, and handle tasks seamlessly.

The solution has also relieved the burden on G-Star’s IT team. Instead of spending significant time managing different communication systems, the team can centrally administer users and their consumption of platform services. Additionally, being a cloud-based solution, updates are delivered automatically, eliminating the need for manual upgrades and allowing the IT team to focus on higher-priority initiatives.

Avaya’s flexibility and the positive outcomes achieved with Avaya Cloud Office have met G-Star’s expectations, enhancing worker productivity, user satisfaction, and the total cost of ownership. With Avaya Cloud Office in place, G-Star can continue its core focus of pushing the boundaries of denim design.



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