Australia faces a looming cybersecurity skills shortage

Rapid digitisation has increased security needs.

Australian businesses and public sector organisations are at risk of being exposed to escalating cyber threats unless they rapidly up skill their cybersecurity workforce, RMIT Online has warned.

The warning comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison identified Australia as the target of organised cyberattacks from a sophisticated state-based actor.

RMIT Online, the online education division of RMIT University said, Australia faces a looming skill shortage with an estimated 18,000 additional cybersecurity professionals required to ensure Australia’s digital security by 2026.

Helen Souness CEO of RMIT said, Australia’s digital security capability was crucial for businesses to pursue accelerated digital transformation plans in a post-COVID environment.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has seen rapid digitisation across the economy. As businesses transform, security will become increasingly important for a larger number of organisations,” she said. “Attacks in recent weeks on private businesses have shown that targets for cyber attacks are not limited to public sector bodies and critical infrastructure organisations.”

Souness said organisations have embraced work-from-home and engaged distributed teams. This will lead to an increase in the need for cybersecurity experts to secure distributed networks.

“Not-for-profit body AustCyber has identified a critical shortage of nearly 18,000 people in our cybersecurity skills,” she said. “We need to train more cybersecurity specialists, educate organisational leaders in the importance of cybersecurity and ensure that these skills remain up to date as threats evolve.”

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RMIT University has established the Cyber Ready Cloud Innovation Centre in partnership with Amazon Web Services to expose large numbers of students across the University to cybersecurity issues through innovation challenges.

Students work on technical and business model challenges focused on building cyber awareness and resilience in public and private sector organisations.







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