ACSC calls for partner volunteers to help with raising critical infrastructure security

ACSC’s Critical Infrastructure Uplift Program to protect essential services from cyber security.

The ACSC is calling for ACSC Partners to help pilot the Critical Infrastructure Uplift Program (CI-UP). CI-UP will help protect Australia’s essential services from cyber threats by raising the security levels of critical infrastructure organisations.

CI-UP is part of the Australian Signals Directorate’s Cyber Enhanced Situational Awareness and Response (CESAR) package and compliments the Australian Government’s ongoing work to protect critical infrastructure security through proposed amendments to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018.

CI-UP will build knowledge and expertise for critical infrastructure providers to strengthen their cyber defences. CI-UP has been designed to:

  • Evaluate critical infrastructure cyber security maturity
  • Deliver prioritised vulnerability and risk mitigation recommendations
  • Assist partners to implement the recommended risk mitigation strategies

CI-UP is not an audit, compliance monitoring, or accreditation program. CI-UP is a modular suite of cyber security activities that is designed to respond to the unique requirements of each organisation and help them to lift their own cyber maturity. CI-UP participants can tailor their uplift by selecting other ACSC services, this may include:

  • Threat briefings on the current cyber landscape
  • Cyber security exercises, focussing on incident response and vulnerability management
  • Cyber Health Improvement Program (CHIPs)
  • Situational awareness and alerting products relevant for critical infrastructure at tactical, operational, and strategic levels
  • Hunt services




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