Securing the enterprise in the Covid world – The state of email security

This year’s State of Email Security report contains a wealth of information and many important insights. But among its many lessons, these 10 stand out: The COVID threat landscape has become much more treacherous. Phishing and BEC attacks are more insidious than ever. While beneficial to business, collaboration tools represent… Read More

Cyber Resilience Executive Society – 2020 Wrap Up

While cyberattacks were common and frequent before, they intensified tremendeously when the world had been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic – increasing the urgency and complexity of CISOs’ roles in protecting their businesses online. As companies learn how to thrive in this ‘new normal’, careful attention to cybersecurity… Read More

Cyber resilience strategies requires need for improvement

Organisations facing same threats, using same tactics. Email and data security company, Mimecast’s fourth-annual State of Email Security 2020 report showed a large majority (77 per cent) of respondents say they have or are actively rolling out a cyber resilience strategy. However, 60 per cent of respondents believe it is inevitable or…

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Security disconnect between IT manager and office workers

Half of APAC employees surveyed said IT managers not stressing importance of good security practices. Email and data security company, Mimecast Limited an email and data security company, has released a study titled Don’t Just Educate: Create Cybersafe Behaviour. The study shows that while customer data breaches and reputational damage around the world…

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