National space industry hub in tech central launched

It will be delivered by Cicada Innovations due to the incubator’s 20-year track record of developing deep tech ventures.

Australia’s pioneer deep tech incubator Cicada Innovations, supported by the NSW Government, is officially launching the National Space Industry Hub (“the Hub”) at its headquarters in Tech Central this week, to help build a vibrant and globally competitive space industry in Australia.

The Hub will support world-class research, innovation, collaboration, and commercialisation in the sector, and act as a home and base camp for emerging space tech ventures.

It will be delivered by Cicada Innovations due to the incubator’s 20-year track record of developing deep tech ventures. It will offer tailored support, physical laboratory and workspace with state-of-the-art facilities, resources, mentoring, coaching, and commercialisation training programs for space entrepreneurs, emerging space ventures, and researchers across Australia.

Some of the Hub’s nationally delivered programs will include:

  • A free and online course for researchers, engineers, and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for foundational knowledge on how to commercialise space technology.
  • A series of free and hybrid workshops for a cohort of researchers and entrepreneurs seeking to test and validate their space tech idea with peers and experts; and
  • A free bespoke 6-month coaching program for space entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their space venture.

The Hub will also closely collaborate with other space actors in NSW, including the NSW Space Research Network, SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre, Space Industry Association of Australia, University of Technology Sydney Tech Lab, University of New South Wales, ANU InSpace, and the University of Sydney.

These collaborations will give residents and participants unique access to invaluable research and networking opportunities vital to commercialisation.

Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade, Stuart Ayres, said: “Cicada Innovations has a long and proven track record of developing deep tech ventures that tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems. It made sense to choose Cicada Innovations as our delivery partner for such a critical program, with the space industry only increasing in national importance each year given how many businesses it impacts globally.

“The National Space Industry Hub will be an important hub for businesses both directly involved in the space sector, and the businesses downstream that the space sector relies upon. It will allow us to harness Australia’s well-established research infrastructure, world-class universities, and an abundance of local innovators who are busy researching, developing, and commercialising space technology.

“We look forward to the partnership with Cicada Innovations, and to the exciting ventures that will soon be housed in the new Hub.”

Sally-Ann Williams, CEO of Cicada Innovations, said: “Cicada Innovations is already the best place in Australia to build a deep tech business, and now it will be one of the best places to build a space tech company. Our track record in hardware, software, prototyping, and manufacturing also combines with our unique multi-sector approach that connects founders from across different deep tech verticals to discover entirely novel ways of solving big-picture problems.

“Our community is a melting pot for entrepreneurs, scientists, businesses, and industry. By connecting entrepreneurs, policymakers, and researchers, we can help make Australia a leader in space innovation, while developing the advanced science that will create a more sustainable and prosperous future.”

The National Space Industry Hub launched on 10 February 2022 at Cicada Innovation in the Australian Technology Park at Eveleigh.



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