NAB pushes ahead with digital banking

Investing more funds into helping customers with digital banking services.

The National Australia Bank will push more investment into helping customers with phone and digital banking services.

In a statement to the media, Krissie Jones executive retail at NAB said investment in our services and locations is guided by how customers are banking. About 93 per cent of customer interactions are now taking place over the phone, by video or online.

“Over the past several years, fewer customers are coming into branches and foot traffic has lessened dramatically,” said Jone. “Over the last year alone, we have seen a further 30 per cent reduction in over the counter and basic servicing transactions in our branches.”

While NAB’s physical branch presence in some areas will no longer be there, we will still be there for our customers – just in different ways. As more and more customers are choosing to bank online, its investing in improving its digital platform to make it easier and faster.

“We are also training our bankers in regional Australia with new skills to serve customers in these channels,” she noted. “We are adding more than 280 colleagues to assist customers with phone and digital banking enquiries, and into operations roles.”

NAB will also be recruiting around the country, including in regional locations, as “COVID-19”, has shown its “bankers can work remotely from anywhere”. An additional 134 new small business bankers are being recruited and will also be based in regional locations across the country.

“When we do close a branch, our goal is for no job losses,” said Jones. “We work with our colleagues to find opportunities to continue to support customers either through other branch roles or across phone and digital channels.”

The branch team also work closely with local customers, the community, business and government stakeholders about the change and the options that are available for banking. They offer education on our digital channels, including video banking, BYO device sessions, and online security.

Customers can also bank at the local Australia Post Office, connect with our mobile bankers, home lending specialists or business bankers in person or for phone or video appointments.’

In December 2020’s annual general meeting, NAB CEO announced it was partnering with Pollinate, a global cloud-based platform, to give small business customers real-time insights to better manage and grow their businesses.






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