Macquarie Data Centres completes major upgrades

Enhancing security and capacity at Sydney and Canberra campuses

Macquarie Data Centres, a leading provider of data centre services and a subsidiary of Macquarie Technology Group, has announced the successful completion of significant upgrades to its data centre campuses in Sydney and Canberra. The multi-million-dollar project aimed to bolster security, increase operational efficiency, and expand capacity to meet the growing needs of government and enterprise customers.

As part of the upgrades, Macquarie Data Centres has added two ultra-secure zones to its Sydney and Canberra campuses. These zones have been specifically designed to comply with the rigorous standards set by the Australian Federal Government’s Protective Security Policy Framework, encompassing both physical and cyber security aspects. The inclusion of these secure zones demonstrates Macquarie Data Centres’ commitment to providing a fully sovereign and secure environment for its customers.

The enhancements also encompassed substantial power upgrades and the expansion of other secure zones across both campuses. These improvements not only increased rack capacity but also positioned the data centres to accommodate the rising demand for data-intensive workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI).

David Hirst, Group Executive of Macquarie Data Centres, expressed his satisfaction with the completed upgrades, stating, “These improvements give our local and international customers the capacity they need to scale their businesses and expand their Australian footprint.” With 42 percent of Commonwealth Government agencies, major hyperscalers, and multinational corporations among its existing client base, Macquarie Data Centres is poised to meet the evolving demands of its diverse clientele.

Capacity planning is a crucial consideration for organizations when making data centre investments. Hirst emphasized the significance of partnering with a trusted colocation provider that understands not only capacity requirements but also the importance of security, compliance, and sovereignty considerations. The successful completion of these upgrades reaffirms Macquarie Data Centres’ ability to serve as such a trusted partner.

Notably, these major upgrades were seamlessly executed within six months without any disruptions or outages affecting Macquarie Data Centres’ existing customers. The project was completed ahead of schedule, under budget, and most importantly, with a flawless safety record, reflecting the company’s unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.

Gavin Kawalsky, Head of Projects at Macquarie Data Centres, commended the team’s tireless efforts, expertise, and experience in ensuring the project’s success. Undertaking a project of this magnitude required meticulous planning, collaboration, and technical proficiency, all of which were demonstrated by the dedicated team.

The recent upgrades to Macquarie’s Data Centre Campus in the Sydney North zone precede the construction of its largest data centre, IC3 Super West, further enhancing its position as a prominent player in the data centre industry.

These developments align with Macquarie Technology Group’s broader strategy following its recent name change, representing its transformation from a telecommunications-focused company to a comprehensive digital infrastructure technology business. With a strong focus on data centres, cloud services, cybersecurity, and telecommunications, Macquarie Technology Group is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the digital era.

As Macquarie Data Centres continues to reinforce its security, capacity, and service offerings, customers can confidently rely on its state-of-the-art facilities and expertise to support their digital operations securely and efficiently.



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