Indonesia getting Information and Communication Technology infrastructure ready

Minister Plate gives an insight about the readiness of Base Transceiver Station Infrastructure Development.

The Indonesian Government is looking to collaborate and coordinate with cellular operators, as part of its next steps in completing the development of Information and Communication Technology (TIK) infrastructure.

Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G. Plate stated the Ministry of Communication and Informatics not only collaborates and coordinates with operators, but also follow up with active infrastructure development.

“The next step is how to collaborate and coordinate between Kominfo and cellular operators to present active infrastructure,” he said.

The Minister explained that active infrastructure means the availability of telecommunication services. This means that active infrastructure is to provide a 4G signal, especially in the Frontier, Disadvantaged and Outermost (3T) areas.

“The Government through the Telecommunication and Information Accessibility Agency (BAKTI) Ministry of Communication and Information has taken steps, which are expected to be completed in mid-2021 with cellular operators,” he said.

Thus, gradually the completion of physical development in each location will also begin to expand or signal coverage will spread throughout the country according to the results of development in each region.

“That was discussed yesterday, today we will also continue the discussion by following up on the President’s direction as well, namely increasing or maximising the utilisation of  fibre optic backbone network  held by BAKTI Kominfo,” said Minister Plate. “We will discuss ways and patterns to increase utilisation, including connecting at points of deployment of the infrastructure that are not currently connected, or in clear language how to connect broadband backbone connectivity, namely connectivity from optical fiber deployments in Indonesia, whether it will be done later. or by cellular operators and or by BAKTI Kominfo, “he explained.

The Minister said the collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and operators can ensure maximum utilisation of the connection.

“We hope that the increase in utilisation will also be better — that is the domestic network. But Indonesia is part of a global network, [the] backbone connectivity needs to be seen as well as its potential to be connected with regional and international areas,” he said.

In the scheme to accelerate the development of ICT infrastructure, the Minister said there were short, medium and long term plans, “in regulating the middle mile backbone telecommunications network  and  the last mile  of Indonesia’s telecommunications infrastructure”.




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