Enterprise Singapore expands E-Commerce Booster package

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SME retailers in the country gets boost to strengthen e-commerce

Enterprise Singapore (ESG) has expanded its E-Commerce Booster Package, to include support SME retailers in strengthening their digital marketing capabilities for e-commerce.

According to the government agency, this will help them understand and apply digital marketing to their business and improve their proficiency in implementing effective digital campaigns.

“Such skills enable SME retailers to build long-term capabilities and generate greater consumer awareness of their brands and products,” states ESG.

The E-Commerce Booster Package now covers:

  • A one-time 90 per cent support for digital marketing advisory services for three months. These include capabilities to analyse retailers’ existing digital business models and assets, develop digital marketing plans and optimise their online marketing efforts on social media channels
  • Support for manpower2 to build in-house capabilities needed to set the foundation for sustained digital marketing efforts.
  1. At the end of three months, retailers will be able to:
  • Understand and apply digital marketing for their business
  • Use basic digital marketing tools to develop and drive digital campaigns
  • Plan and manage content of digital campaigns
  • Perform basic data analytics to assess the performance of digital campaigns
  • Identify areas for improvement

The expanded support for development of digital marketing capabilities is in addition to the one-time 90 per cent support of the cost for retailers to on-board e-commerce platforms for domestic and/or overseas markets as well as qualifying manpower cost for three months that was announced by ESG when it introduced the E-Commerce Booster Package in April 2020.

This supports retailers’ business transformation efforts to diversify their sales channels and revenue streams by selling online.

Ted Tan deputy chief executive officer of Enterprise Singapore said, an e-commerce presence for retailers is the first step in expanding their customer base and sales.

“For this to be sustained, retailers must strengthen their ability to understand how to better leverage digital marketing to attract and engage customers online, especially on social media,” he said. “The digital marketing skillset will enable them to remain agile and adapt to changing customer preferences while increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers.”

Retailers can sign up for the E-Commerce Booster Package from now until 30 September 2020.

Currently the E-Commerce Booster Package is in line with the “Stay Healthy, Go Digital” initiative to provide resources for businesses to manage the COVID-19 situation, and the SMEs Go Digital programme to help SMEs strengthen their digital capabilities and access global markets via digital channels.



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