CSIRO aims to collate disparate digital transformation projects

By Bidgee – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Australia’s national science agency needs someone bring it all together.

The CSIRO is currently looking for a Digital Transformation Strategist to work with IM&T, Data61 and BUs to bring together a CSIRO Digital Strategy.

Digital Transformation of CSIRO’s scientific inquiry is critical for its future leadership and relevance on the world stage. Most CSIRO Business Units (BUs) are already embracing the opportunities that digitisation affords.

This is sometimes done in collaboration with Data61 or Information Management & Technology (IM&T), sometimes independently. However, this presents one of the barriers to a more strategic way of CSIRO tackling digital transformation – the lack of a cohesive, connected and coordinated strategy for these activities.

In this role, you will partner with the CSIRO strategy team to develop, publish, and maintain the organisation’s Digital Strategy, ensuring that it aligns with and supports business direction and needs.

The aspiration of CSIRO’s Digital Strategy is to accelerate our science impact through fostering a data driven culture that treats data as an asset, related competencies, and data and digital literacy across the enterprise.

The digital transformation strategist will work with the CSIRO’s Science Digital Transformation program board members, and other leaders to:

  • create a digital vision for the enterprise, and to identify the opportunities for differentiating digital capabilities and solutions
  • establish the roadmap for managing data and digital outputs as business assets — to exploit data using research and analytics to maximize the impact of CSIRO’s science

They will also lead the development of the digital strategy and roadmap, ensuring its integration with other strategic planning processes and the resulting business strategy and plans, and providing a single point of coordination for the digital strategy.

Defining and reporting on KPIs and metrics that represent progress against digital strategy goals.

Partnering with the other digital transformation program activities to ensure alignment, integration and coordination.

For full details about this role please review the Position Description. The successful applicant will be required to obtain and maintain a security clearance at the Baseline level.  This level of security clearance requires the applicant to hold Australian Citizenship.

Recently Dr Sue Keay research director for Cyber-Physical Systems at CSIRO’s Data61 wrote that the range of new technologies being developed opens up the possibility of solving more and more problems that were once considered unsolvable.

“But technology is just a tool,” she said. “The key to embracing a digital future is people. While it’s important to understand what tools are now available that work better than tools of the past, we require people with the vision and drive who will seek to make whole-of-system changes and put the hard work in to demonstrate the business case that makes the adoption and integration of many of these technologies, a wise choice for the mining sector.”













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