Catch the innovation campaign to promote AI adoption

This campaign aims to facilitate the development of Smart Government

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) has announced the launch of the Catch the Innovation Campaign to promote innovation within government departments and improve the quality and efficiency of public services. This campaign, following a previous edition in 2020, aims to facilitate the development of Smart Government by encouraging government personnel to submit innovative proposals.

The highlight of the campaign is the Innovative Application with AI competition, which invites government personnel to submit conceptual proposals for enhancing public services using artificial intelligence (AI). Submissions can be made in teams of two or more until August 4. A Selection Panel will then shortlist ten finalists to proceed to the second stage of the competition.

In the second stage, the Smart Government Innovation Lab (Smart Lab) of the OGCIO will match the ten finalists with technology solutions from the industry, including local start-ups. A six-month proof-of-concept exercise will be conducted to test the feasibility of the proposals and evaluate their potential to enhance the quality and efficiency of public services.

The campaign will culminate in March next year when the ten finalists will compete for awards, including the grand award, the first runner-up, and the second runner-up.

In addition to the competition, the Catch the Innovation Campaign will feature a series of thematic seminars, workshops, and technology forums. These activities aim to foster connections between government departments and the industry, enhance government personnel’s knowledge of innovative technologies like AI, and stimulate creativity. By promoting the application of various technologies across different departments, the campaign seeks to enhance public services and provide benefits and convenience to the public.



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