Bringing 5G to sporting events

The project will set new benchmarks in Hong Kong’s smart construction.

HKT has joined with Kai Tak Sports Park Limited (KTSPL) and Hip Hing Engineering Company (Hip Hing Engineering) in a cross-industry partnership to create a large sporting infrastructure, which is also one of the first construction site in the city to be equipped with a dedicated 5G network infrastructure.

Together with a series of 5G applications, the project will revolutionise the construction industry and set new benchmarks in smart construction. Kai Tak Sports Park’s world-class sports facilities will strengthen sports development in Hong Kong.

HKT, KTSPL and Hip Hing Engineering share the common goal of achieving smart construction and have equipped the Sports Park’s construction site with dedicated 5G coverage. 5G-powered applications such as mobile management system, robotics, and Internet of Things (IoT), will boost work efficiency and communication among construction personnel.

Within the 28-hectare construction site, HKT has built a dedicated 5G network consisting of 5G base stations and numerous 5G routers and Wi-Fi access points. This reliable network empowers real-time simultaneous collaboration between site personnel of about 2,000 people and enables large files and huge amount of data to be transmitted at a speed 20 times faster than 4G.

Installing 5G will also help to optimise building information modelling (BIM) and increases project constructability and cost. HKT is also delivering a 5G mobile management system at the construction site.

Aiming to minimise cabling works while optimising management quality, 4K HDR cameras have been installed on tower cranes. These cameras with zoom-in function can capture and track individual movements or activities in specific areas of the construction site in real time, empowering effective remote monitoring of the site, and greatly enhancing safety in lifting operation.

Kai Tak Sports Park project team will consider applying more artificial intelligence (AI) technology on the construction site to minimise the health and safety risks of workers.


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