Acceleration of remote learning and working creates cyber security issues

Assistant government CIO offers businesses and community to be vigilent.

Hong Kong’s assistant government CIO Pan Shiqiang said that under the raging COVID-19 disease, remote work, online teaching, and remote business operations have all become the new normal of life, making mobile devices quicker to become mainstream Internet devices.

He reminded the public to pay attention to the network security threats related to mobile devices and guard against cyber criminals using leaked data to steal identity or achieve other fraudulent purposes.

“Network security threats can come from the device itself, communication network and mobile application loopholes or improper configuration, etc,” said Pan. “We must strengthen understanding of the security of mobile devices and take appropriate measures to improve the ability to resist network attacks and strengthen the alertness of the received information prevents it from becoming the target of cyber-attacks.”

He also called on organisations to formulate security policies and codes related to the use of cloud services, properly protect data on the cloud platform, and take appropriate measures to enhance network security.

Representatives and experts from the OGCIO, the Hong Kong Police Force and various information security industries shared their experience and security tips with participants on various topics such as cloud computing and financial technology in the online seminar.

“Building a Secure Network” is an annual event jointly organized by OGCIO, the Hong Kong Police Force and the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center,” he said. “It aims to improve the public’s information security through various channels such as websites, social media, radio programs, and school visits. Awareness and ability to deal with cyber risks.


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