Accelerating 5G network uptake in Australia

COVID changes the way data is consumed.

M2M Connectivity will act as the master distributor of Peplink across Australia and New Zealand, with the aim of building a new network of channel partners across the region. Peplink develops a wide range of solutions that combine multiple sources of WAN, including 5G and LTE, to provide “unbreakable” connectivity.

Under the agreement, M2M Connectivity will distribute SD-WAN devices with robust wireless capabilities, including the MBX, SDX, EPX as well as the Balance series – designed for organisations of any size.

In March 2021, M2M noted COVID has changed the way citizens live and the way they now consume information. It has increased  interest in statistics, graphs, and ultimately how this information is being used by governments, cities and businesses.

For example, in October each morning thousands of Melburnians are anxiously anticipating their morning data hit from the Victorian department of health – delivered in the form of a tweet stating the latest number of COVID cases, closely followed by the fortnightly case average.

For all of the detriment the COVID virus has caused, one positive outcome may be a cultural shift which brings data to the fore, makes it the central part of decision making, and advances not only the amount, but also the quality of information collected.

Pre-COVID the general public did not want to share data, but they are now willing to download apps that share their locations and movements. They are comfortable that cameras and sensors are tracking social distancing and mask wearing, and that trains and trams are being monitored and data is being used to keep these environments safe.

A great example of a city at the fore of this shift is Palmerston in the Northern Territory. In July its partner Easyweb Digital completed the rollout out of the City’s Public Park Wifi network, with the IoT system actively collecting environmental data across seven parks.

Post-COVID, the opportunity for IoT devices and systems to help create safer cities, workplaces and spaces is significant, and the desire for more data from citizens is growing.

Getting the right IoT systems is the first step but knowing how to share and mobilise that data in a way that makes life safer and more convenience for all members of society is where the real opportunity lies.



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