Rethink work design instead of duplicating the office virtually

Forcing employees to go back to the office could result in losing up to 39 per cent of their workforce Current virtualised work design models are damaging employees’ well-being and productivity, according to Gartner, Inc. To succeed in a hybrid future, organisations must stop duplicating office-centric practices and shift to a…

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Digital Transformation is the ‘new-normal’ for staying competitive

Mobiles, notebooks, tablets, social media and the like have changed behaviours across much of society. Added to the mix has been the Covid-19 pandemic which has firmly pressed the accelerator to the floor on digital engagement. From home orders to contactless payments to the proliferation of ‘working from home’, we've… Read More

Customer service and support employees want to continue working from home

Service leaders should factor employee desire into post-COVID-19 workforce plans. Service employees who traditionally did not have many opportunities to WFH are now used to it and like it, and they wish to continue in some capacity once the pandemic is over. In September 2020, Gartner surveyed 5,000 employees, including 550…

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