SUSE releases new Cloud app platform

Platform for those who need to deliver software projects that accelerates the pace of innovation.

SUSE’s Cloud Application Platform 2.0 is now available to provide automation. The platform also enables enterprises to increase the agility of their business.

The 2.0 release is also simpler to install, operate and maintain on Kubernetes platforms anywhere – on premises and in public clouds.

It also opens an accelerated and pragmatic path for existing Cloud Foundry users to transition to a Kubernetes-based architecture.

SUSE currently delivers a containerised implementation of the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime that runs in Kubernetes, unified management of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes deployments through a single console, supported operation on any certified Kubernetes platform, and a tech preview of Kubernetes-native scheduling.

The SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2.0 builds on those efforts, incorporating several upstream technologies recently contributed by SUSE to the Cloud Foundry Community.

These include:

  • KubeCF – a containerised version of the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime designed to run on Kubernetes
  • Project Quarks – a Kubernetes operator for automating deployment and management of Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes.

By building from the upstream KubeCF project and incorporating new Kubernetes features regularly and incrementally, SUSE enables current Cloud Foundry users to take advantage of new Kubernetes capabilities now and speed their transition to a Kubernetes architecture.

Other improvements to the platform include:

  • Changes to the platform’s web-based management console help administrators manage applications more easily and securely.
  • A new workload view provides deeper insight into applications and their deployment settings.
  • Improved security is also featured in this release with Helm 3.












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