Singapore looking to integrate tech and infrastructure

Integrating Singtel’s 5G Multi-access Edge Compute with Surbana Jurong’s P24K suite of facility management systems .

Singaporean government-owned consultancy company, Surbana Jurong and Singtel have formed an alliance to integrate technology and infrastructure to co-create smart city solutions that will accelerate the transformation of key industries.

To kickstart the partnership, the two companies will first focus on smart and sustainable integrated facilities management.

The partnership will integrate Singtel’s 5G Multi-access Edge Compute and Surbana Jurong’s P24K suite of facility management systems to create an industry-first 5G-powered data aggregation and management platform that tracks, monitors and manages multiple operations simultaneously.

The integrated system will aggregate data about space, water, energy, utilisation, and indoor air quality from sensors to help facility managers drive greater operational efficiency and achieve their smart and sustainable goals.

One of the key services which the integrated system supports is building security. From delivering intelligent surveillance and monitoring solutions, providing greater situational awareness to security providers, the integrated system can help users, tenants and visitors in smart buildings anticipate and respond more swiftly to security incidents. In addition, both companies are also exploring the use of drones to inspect, maintain and monitor buildings remotely for security.

Surbana Jurong will provide the breadth and scope required to pilot the application of technology solutions, while leading Asian communications group Singtel brings on board its capabilities in 5G and emerging technologies to design solutions to advance the transformation of industries,  said Bill Chang CEO group enterprise at Singtel.

“The pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of many enterprises, transforming their capabilities and business models,” he noted. “Through this strategic partnership with Surbana Jurong, with our combined capabilities and leveraging Singtel’s 5G edge cloud platform, we will support our targeted industries’ digital transformation and help in their post-COVID recovery with advanced technologies and sustainable solutions.”







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