BigFix Compliance – Ensuring continuous compliance of security and regulatory policies

As the number of endpoints and the threats that can compromise them continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, BigFix® Compliance provides unified, real-time visibility and policy enforcement to protect complex and highly distributed environments.

Designed to ensure endpoint security across the organization, BigFix Compliance can help organizations both protect endpoints and meet security compliance requirements and policies. This easy-to-manage,quick-to-deploy solution supports security in an environment that is likely to include a large variety and largenumbers of endpoints—from servers to desktop PCs, and 'roaming' Internet-connected laptops, as well asspecialized equipment such as point-of-sale devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks.

BigFix Compliance can reduce the costs and complexity of IT management as it increases business agility, speed to remediation, and accuracy. Its low impact on endpoint operations can enhance productivity and improve user experience. By constantly enforcing policy compliance wherever endpoints roam, it helps reduce risk and increase audit visibility. Its intelligent agent's speed and e!ciency provide continuous compliance with automated audit cycles measured in minutes versus weeks.

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