Australian enterprise infrastructure market in growth mode

Business disruptions accelerated enterprise IT infrastructure transformations.

The enterprise spending on servers and storage devices to continue to grow through 2023 in parallel with public cloud consumption growth. With most organisations having a “cloud first” strategy, public cloud uptake is significant.

However, the market size for infrastructure for both private cloud and traditional IT remains bigger than public cloud, said Cynthia Ho senior research manager for Enterprise Infrastructure and Datacenter research at IDC Asia/Pacific.

“The use of cloud centric digital infrastructures have helped enterprises meet the business and technology challenges of the pandemic and will continue to be the key pillar in an accelerating hybrid cloud adoption era, and Australian organisations have been at the forefront of regional cloud adoption and infrastructure transformation across all sectors,” she said.

Analysis from IDC’s Cloud Pulse 2020 survey shows that Australian enterprises are leveraging multiple cloud deployment models to optimise their IT infrastructure by strategically selecting the deployment model best suited to the workload.

The ongoing migration of existing workloads from traditional IT to cloud-centric IT by enterprise customers is a fundamental factor in the forecast enterprise infrastructure growth. The CloudPulse survey indicated that Australian enterprises will continue to take advantage of new cloud technology to deploy existing and new workloads across interconnected cloud deployment models.

It is vital that technology vendors can support this long-term trend by assisting enterprises’ transition to a hybrid cloud environment with technology, services and skilled channel. The transition to cloud-centric digital infrastructure depends upon commitment to a digital strategy focused on workload and infrastructure optimisation, consistent resilience, and continual enhancement.

IDC’s Asia/Pacific Enterprise Infrastructure research provides insights on market size, forecast, segmentation and opportunities of server, external enterprise storage systems, purpose-built appliances (hyperconverged infrastructure [HCI] and PBBA), and datacenter switches.

The insights are critical to help both enterprises and IT vendors form right IT strategies framework and achieve success transforming into future of digital enterprises.







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