SA Department of Education secures Okta to underpin EdPass

Australian State ensures streamlined and secured access to educational applications.

The South Australian Department for Education has selected the Okta Identity Cloud to securely manage and streamline access to essential educational applications for approximately 280,000 staff and students.

Insync Solutions selected Okta to underpin the Department’s EdPass project — delivering a simplified and secure login experience to all government schools in South Australia.

Delivered by Insync Solutions for the Department for Education, the newly selected EdPass solution, powered by Okta Single Sign-On (SSO), is currently being rolled out in South Australian schools and preschools.

EdPass will be used in approximately 900 preschools, primary and secondary schools across the state, serving approximately 250,000 students and 30,000 staff members.

EdPass gives students and staff easy, secure access to apps for online learning and collaboration from anywhere. Okta SSO provides the foundation for seamless and intuitive access to a centralised landing page. From there, one-click access connects users to a catalogue of statewide educational apps, local school apps, departmental accounts, and local administrative accounts. This means staff and students can log in to EdPass from anywhere, on any device, using a single set of credentials.

“EdPass will remove disruptions to the learning experience by delivering secure simplified login and easy access to education applications,” said Scott Bayliss, CIO, Department for Education South Australia.

“Reducing the burden of multiple logins and needing to remember different credentials for different apps saves teachers and students time so they focus on the work that really matters – improving educational outcomes for students across South Australia.”

Due to be completed by mid-2021, the new simplified and user-friendly EdPass login experience powered by Okta will remove the stress and inefficiency of using multiple complex logins, allowing schools and preschools to focus on teaching and learning. EdPass will help staff and students to save time whenever they need to login to a computer or device, from the classroom, office or home.

In an interview with CIO Tech Asia in July this year, Bayliss said According Bayliss the EdPass project forms part of an overarching program of ICT foundation work that includes, SWiFT fibre to schools and preschools and SWiFT Network Technologies.

Bayliss said these projects will leverage EdPass functionality and will deliver on the Department for Education’s commitment to connect every government school in South Australia to fast reliable internet, regardless of location.

“We received some really pleasing feedback from school staff,” he said. “We’re aiming very high with what we are doing here, and we’ve got an accelerated roll-out — agreed to as part of the contract — with this initiative. We want to complete it in around 900 sites by the middle of next year.”






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