Phillipines telco breaks ground for new data centre

Ambitious plans to add data centre to Google-styled campus in the country.

Dito Telecommunity has cemented its plans for a data centre in Clark Global City (CGC). As part of the DITO main campus headquarters, the Data Centre will rise on the first hectare of its eight-hectare property.

The master-planned development in CGC includes a fully equipped network operations centre, a serve-call centre, a regional centre, and the well-anticipated Research and Development (R&D) segment of the company: the main hub for research and development as DITO continues to improve internet connectivity in the country. The proposed headquarters is expected to generate close to 4,500 jobs at full completion.

Due to its strategic location and disaster resiliency, DITO envisions CGC to be a key area in the ongoing infrastructure rollout, and to be the main location where it will host its central telecommunications infrastructure network.

The Dito Data Centre is a critical component to sustain DITO’s commercial operations centre, designed after Google’s campus-style headquarters: to hold operational departments, a Network Operations Centre, its very own call centre, and regional centre, and this must be located in an ideal location, said Dito PMO Lead Benedicto.

Dito first began construction of the campus in 2019. At the time it had forged a partnership with Philippines based property development and management company Udenna and China Telecom in CGC.




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