Mekim integrates storage, networking, and computing services

Meeting customer and business demands with operational efficiencies at HK healthcare products distributor.

Hong Kong-based healthcare distributor, Mekim has taken another step in its digital transformation journey, with a newly implemented customer support service.

Mekim chose a Nutanix-Lenovo solution to enhance business resilience, simplify IT management and reduce service disruption, which helps its customers to find what they need in its shops and receive orders on time, despite the pandemic, said Clement Tsang, CIO and CFO at Mekim.

The company was established in 1981, to distribute pharmaceutical goods, medical equipment and supplies, as well as over-the-counter medicine, skin and hair products, and health food supplements across Hong Kong and Macau.

“The Nutanix-Lenovo solution is enabling Mekim to provide seamless customer support, which in turn is helping us continue to grow, even in this challenging business environment, said Tsang. “The solution matches our software and hardware requirements perfectly, and is helping enable the digital transformation journey required today because it uses best-of-breed technology.”

Nutanix’ AOS (Acropolis Operating System) solution for Mekim is built on Lenovo ThinkSystem servers.  It eliminated Mekim’s three-tier architecture and legacy hardware, reduced Mekim’s total cost of IT ownership and provided immediate operational efficiencies across Mekim’s business.

Tsang noted the use solution will span its disaster recovery program, IT testing environment and network operations.  It integrates Mekim’s storage, networking, and computing services and scales to meet business demand.The solution will automated recovery options, Mekim’s ERP and POS applications, data and services are always delivered and protected. The solution also provides one console for IT management and access to predictive analytics and task automation.

Mekim’s previous IT operations required downtime for annual maintenance, which shut-down access to critical SAP enterprise resource planning and point-of-sale data, said Tsang.

“As Mekim expanded, its network also suffered from connectivity issues, which required increasing and intensive manual administration and could cause data loss due to the absence of disaster recovery plan,” he said.






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