KPM Analytics prevails in Trade Secret Misappropriation Trial

The unanimous verdict in favour of KPM reflects the strength of the evidence presented

KPM Analytics, a global leader in scientific instrumentation and machinery for the food and agricultural industries, has announced a resounding victory in a recent jury trial involving trade secret misappropriation claims. The jury, after an extensive examination of the evidence, returned a unanimous verdict in favour of KPM, awarding the company multiple millions of dollars in financial damages.

The lawsuit, KPM Analytics North America Corporation vs. Blue Sun Scientific, LLC, The Innovative Technologies Group & Co., Ltd., Arnold Eilert, Robert Gajewski, Rachael Glenister, and Irvin Lucas, centred around allegations of trade secret theft and misappropriation against KPM. Following a rigorous 12-day trial, the jury agreed with KPM’s claims, emphasizing the importance of upholding intellectual property laws.

The unanimous verdict in favour of KPM reflects the strength of the evidence presented and supports the company’s commitment to defending its assets and innovations. It highlights the company’s belief in the power of the law to protect intellectual property and ensure fair competition.

Brian Mitchell, CEO of KPM Analytics, expressed satisfaction with the trial’s outcome, emphasizing the value of their industry knowledge and the significance of protecting it. The verdict sends a clear message that intellectual property theft will not be tolerated.

KPM extends its gratitude to its legal team, Sunstein LLP and Morse Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, PC, as well as the expert witnesses and all those involved in the two-year-long case. Their dedicated efforts were instrumental in achieving this significant victory. The verdict reaffirms KPM’s stance against the misappropriation of its trade secrets and its commitment to taking legal measures to safeguard its intellectual property.

As an industry leader, KPM Analytics remains dedicated to advancing scientific solutions for analysing key parameters in food, agriculture, and other critical applications. With this successful outcome, KPM can confidently continue serving its customers with innovative technologies, knowing that its trade secrets are protected by the law.



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