Indonesia to close the digital literacy gap across Bali

About 85% of the total island’s population that is considered as an internet user.

he Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) through the National Literacy Digital Movement (GNLD) Siberkreasi continues its commitment for digital literacy education, by conducting a series of “Indonesia Makin Cakap Digital” talk shows. This October, the program is carried out in Bali, specifically targeted for students, teachers, and educators at the Islamic theology school (madrasah) and public university.

“We experience the high number of internet users in Indonesia amounting 202,6 million people, with the internet penetration reaching up 73,7%. Capitalizing on this, a proper education on digital literacy skills for everyone is needed to ensure an ethical, secure, and optimal use of it. Furthermore, these digital literacy initiatives advancement should be able to empower the livelihood of people, either by increasing their productivity, giving more values to the business, or improving economic welfare,” said Semuel A. Pangerepan, Directorate General of Informatics Applications.

With 3.4 million people or around 85% of the total island’s population that is considered as an internet user (APJII, 2020), Bali shows a high potential to benefit from the technology advancement. Nevertheless, the fast-changing and non-direct contact nature of the digital world poses a challenge, particularly for education institutions in Bali. The digital crime lurking, combined with the false information that appears constantly requires a thorough observation to avoid it, making digital literacy education crucial to be implemented.

Digital equality across educational sector in Bali

Recently, the Ministry through Siberkreasi has held a talk show “Madrasah Makin Cakap Digital” to further educate madrasah’s students and educators with digital competitiveness and skillsets. Held on October 19, 2021, in a hybrid format, the event involved over 50 participants attending at MI Insan Mulia Bali, Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan, and around 1,000 online participants from across the island. Speakers’ line-up included Muhammad Zein, Director of GTK Madrasah the Ministry of Religious Affairs; Rizki Ameliah, Coordinator of Digital Literacy Kemenkominfo; I Gede Putu Krisna Juliharta, Vice Chief III of STMIK Primakara; and Indrianto, ITB Lecturer STIKOM Bali.

“With many madrasah available in Bali, it is imperative to advance the digital competency and qualifications of both educators and students there to be able to compete on a bigger level. This talk show is the first step to realize our commitment in digitizing Madrasah across the island and to transform Bali as the prime example of a digital literate city in Indonesia,” said Rizki Ameliah.


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