India Cloud predictions for 2021 and beyond

20 per cent of organisations will adopt connected cloud strategies by 2023

Cloud adoption has accelerated as organisations look for agility and resiliency in the new normal, reports IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2021 Predictions – India Implications for 2021. Enterprises in India are leveraging cloud for objectives beyond business continuity and cost, to now using cloud as a platform for innovation.

“The new normal will witness some of the temporary shifts become permanent like hybrid workforce, customer interactions, among others. As businesses prioritize resiliency, agility, and efficiency, they will adopt cloud-native architectures, that allow them to cater to the customer and end-user demands swiftly,” said Rishu Sharma principal analyst Cloud and AI at IDC India.

Benefits, such as availability, scalability, and flexibility, are driving cloud investments. Early adopters of cloud and digital technologies have witnessed the least impact on their business operations during the pandemic. Organisations are planning increased investments in cloud infrastructure and platforms as it aids in faster and more effective ways of application development.

Some of the key Cloud predictions that would impact the technology buyers and suppliers in India in 2021 and beyond are:

  • Well-connected clouds: Through 2023, all enterprises struggle with app modernization and data integration across cloud silos; 20 per cent will adopt connected cloud strategies to overcome these concerns.
  • Modern enterprise applications: To gain business agility, enterprises will commit to modernising over half of their existing applications by 2025, through use of turnkey cloud-native development and deployment services.
  • Cloud-ready organisations: By 2024, over 50 per cent of enterprises will replace outdated operational models with cloud-centric models that facilitate rather than inhibit organizational collaboration, resulting in better business outcomes.

“Cloud is an important part of the organisations’ forward-looking strategy. Cloud continues to be the underpinning platform for digital transformation initiatives and has therefore seen an acceleration in demand. Enterprise applications and software that support and align with organizations’ digital transformation strategy are critical investments,” said Swapnil Shende senior market analyst AI at IDC India.







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