Healthcare providers to increase spending on patient-centric apps

Changing from legacy systems to align with modern healthcare workflow

Almost 75 per cent of healthcare providers in Asia/Pacific will increase spending on customer engagement apps to better cater to the shift of care delivery from in-person to care anywhere.

This IDC report portrays the patient-centric care trends into three care areas such as care anywhere, artificial intelligence (AI)–driven predictive care, and personalized care, strongly supported by technology and patient/consumer-centric ecosystems. The three care areas are demonstrated in the report by merging regional trends captured through data from IDC’s 2021–2022 Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending (FERS) Survey, corresponding IDC predictions, and case examples from Asia/Pacific countries.

The report also emphasizes the need to change from legacy systems to align with modern healthcare workflow as healthcare organizations prioritize intelligent digital workspaces moving forward.

Highlights of the report include:

  • 44 per cent of healthcare organizations in Asia/Pacific have a digital-first strategy
  • Two-thirds of healthcare organizations in Asia/Pacific prioritize the ethical use of AI for explain ability and transparency in the next two years
  • About 62.4 per cent of healthcare organizations in the region are set to prioritize intelligent workspaces moving forward
  • The increased focus of healthcare organizations in the region will be on providing better connected care and making patients feel cared for through innovation and faster solution deployments

“As patient-centric care takes precedence across Asia/Pacific, the healthcare system, workplace, and workforce need to be redefined moving forward. Although structured data capture, data governance, and AI adoption play vital roles in this redefining process, healthcare organizations also need to plan for intelligent digital workspaces and physical workplaces to ensure inclusive patient-centric care,” says Manoj Vallikkat, Senior Research Manager, Healthcare Insights, IDC Asia/Pacific.


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