DSB selects cognizant as its sole offshore supplier

There’s a shift in transportation patterns following pandemic lockdown

Cognizant announces that it has been selected by DSB, Denmark’s state railway operator, as the sole provider of offshore IT consulting services to accelerate, scale and further improve its ability to deliver against DSB’s digital strategy.

The multi-year agreement is aimed at extending DSB’s data analytics, IoT and software development capabilities to better manage and plan availability of trains, have a better understanding of peak demand for services, gain insights into passenger sentiments, and enable predictive maintenance of its fleet.

As a result, the organization is anticipated to become a more data-driven and sustainable business, both operationally and in terms of its customers through better connectivity and improved, IoT-enabled and censored assets. DSB is expected to be able to accelerate and scale its digital services to improve the customer experience on its public transportation systems.

“We have seen a shift in transportation patterns following pandemic lockdown, as well as from the continuous market demand towards more sustainable ways of transportation, while at the same time undertaking significant investments into electrification of the train fleet,” said Jesper Welander, commercial IT director, DSB. “Having already transitioned into an agile software development paradigm, we will focus on building up capabilities to deliver digital products – in-house, as well as with Cognizant.”

“As part of the continued collaboration between Cognizant and DSB, we will draw on our vast experience in sustainable transportation by harnessing the power of data, analytics and engineering with the goal of helping DBS improve the experience for passengers and deliver better business outcomes,” said Thomas Djursø, managing director, Cognizant, Denmark. “Since 2016, Cognizant has been building a strong relationship with DSB, and over the past two years, we have further developed a strong, company-wide engagement – both in the business and within the IT organisation.”

Cognizant’s transportation and logistics team helps customers fulfill the primary needs of people and industries to move materials and resources from supply to demand. The industry has constantly re-invented itself over the years as new ideas, conveyances and technology have become available. Today, it is at crossroads and requires a quantum jump in the way goods and merchandises are transported from source to consumption, transcending traditional logistics to the new era of digital logistics.



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