Commonwealth Bank is migrating to the cloud at speed and scale

Digital engagement is a key differentiator.

Commonwealth Bank’s digital transformation, including the adoption of cloud technology and the migration of 95 per cent of its compute to the public cloud, has been recognised at the recent VMware Customer Excellence Awards.

At the recent virtual awards ceremony, the bank took home the 2021 Digital Transformation award.

To date, CBA has successfully migrated over 2,300 virtual machines (equating to 44 per cent of compute) to the public cloud and is now running the largest VMWare cloud environment across all of Asia-Pacific and Japan. At one stage it was migrating at speeds of up to 500 servers per week to the cloud.

“We know digital engagement is a key differentiator for us to remain connected and relevant for our customers. We’re always looking for ways to use the latest technology to modernise our systems and our thinking so we can truly re-imagine our products and services for our customers,” Commonwealth Bank’s Executive General Manager of Global Technology Services, Mark Vudrag, said.

“We’re migrating to the cloud at a rate that exceeds what we first predicted. It took us 66 days to get the first 1,000 virtual servers on the cloud but only 25 days to get the next 1,000 servers. There was no tradeoff between speed and quality. At every step we implemented lessons learned and continued to make sure our cloud operations always remain safe, sound and secure and that we’re building a fit for purpose solution for the bank of tomorrow.”

VMware shared that Commonwealth Bank was an outstanding contestant amongst highly talented competition and the award is recognition of not only the bank’s speed and scale of cloud migration, but also its exceptional success in strategy, effective leadership, business value, strong partnership success, innovation and industry engagement.

“This award from VMware is a testament to how passionate the teams are to harness the latest innovation and thinking to provide the best digital experiences and technology for our customers. Cloud will enable us to provide seamless experiences that help customers get more out of their money. They can expect digital services with little to no down-time, faster delivery speeds and greater innovation,” Vudrag said.



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