Chinese President Xi Jinping’s dedicated to improving lives

Xi focused on a people oriented governance to improve quality of life

Chinese President Xi Jinping has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to improving the lives of the Chinese people throughout his political career. This dedication can be traced back to his early days in politics when he assumed the position of deputy secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Committee of Zhengding County in 1982.

During his time in Zhengding, Xi embarked on bicycle inspections, personally visiting every region of the county. He focused on addressing issues that directly affected people’s livelihoods, such as the high amount of grain local farmers were required to sell to the government under prevailing regulations. Recognizing the hardship faced by the farmers, Xi took action by writing a letter to the central government, leading to a thorough investigation and subsequent readjustment of the grain purchase amount.

From his early efforts to benefit rural residents to his later advocacy of the Chinese Dream as president, Xi’s unwavering belief in bringing tangible benefits to the people has remained steadfast.

Only a month and a half later, Xi travelled 300 kilometres from Beijing to inspect a village and gain firsthand knowledge of the living conditions faced by impoverished families during the harsh winter. This exemplified his commitment to understanding the realities and challenges faced by ordinary citizens.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, Xi has undertaken over 100 inspection trips to the grassroots level, actively engaging with local communities and incorporating the difficulties faced by the people into the agenda and reform plans of the central government.

Furthermore, Xi has participated in panel discussions of the National People’s Congress and the National Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference on 56 occasions within the past 11 years. Through these interactions with approximately 400 representatives, Xi seeks to gain insights into the opinions and concerns of the people.

When asked about his feelings upon being elected president of China during a meeting with then Italian Lower House Speaker Roberto Fico in 2019, Xi humbly acknowledged the tremendous responsibility and hard work that comes with governing such a vast nation. He emphasized his commitment to prioritize the well-being of the Chinese people over personal considerations.

Having begun his political journey as a village official and ascending to the presidency, Xi consistently places the well-being of the people at the forefront of his agenda, demonstrating his deep love for the Chinese population through dedicated work and tangible actions.



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