BCB Blockchain chooses JustCo for APAC expansion

Collaboration comes ahead of BCB’s plans to expand further into the region

Singapore-based Building Cities Beyond (BCB) Blockchain has signed workspace provider, JustCo, as part of its efforts to accelerate innovation, strengthen communities and bring forth collaborative opportunities.

The collaboration comes ahead of BCB’s plans to expand further into the Asia Pacific (APAC) market with its smart city solutions.

The first area of partnership will see JustCo support BCB’s workspace and event requirements in Asia Pacific, where JustCo has over 40 centres in eight cities.

JustCo will also offer preferential rates and incubate startups under the BCB ecosystem to promote collaboration and support innovation for the smart city solutions provider.

In return, BCB will build events and enrichment programs – including workshops, mentorship, seminars, accelerator programs and competitions such as hackathons, that JustCo’s community can take part in.

BCB and JustCo will look to kick off these initiatives post-pandemic, with careful consideration of the global safe distancing measures currently in place.

In the meantime, BCB will look to further its digital transformation efforts by embracing virtual events. The partnership with JustCo, and its ability to connect its members through its app, will be key for BCB as it looks to navigate the new normal.

Through JustCo’s app and its JustConnect function, BCB will gain visibility for its diverse events, aimed at benefitting startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large corporates alike. Participants can use them to network, gain insights into the latest industry trends, learn best practices, and connect with future partners.

The programs will be open to JustCo’s 25,000 members across the region to promote exchange of ideas and future collaboration.

BCB is currently operating in seven cities across Asia and strives to expand the company’s reach and initiative in the APAC region through the partnership.

With JustCo’s established infrastructure and standing reputation, BCB will be able to penetrate new markets and extend services to more target groups.

The strategic collaboration is expected to accelerate BCB’s growth and establishment as an industry leader in the smart city arena, paving the path to develop more technology-driven communities and support the growth of its smart city ecosystems.

Douglas Gan, CEO of BCB explains said the partnership with JustCo is an important milestone for BCB, especially in a time where we are looking to grow our presence across Asia.

JustCo’s expertise in providing collaborative spaces and community building will prove to be invaluable in our efforts to reach new markets, as well as integrate innovative smart city solutions into our ecosystem”.

Both brands will look to explore future possibilities and potential business alliances that include converting BCB Online Academy into classroom-based seminars and providing more educational support for tech developers.


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