Australian innovation competition seeks Australia’s best solutions

$US150K in prizes to reward great Aussie innovation

The Australian Innovation Competition has been launched to uncover and recognize exceptional innovations from across the country that offer creative solutions to real-world challenges. The competition welcomes entries from individuals of all ages and backgrounds, aiming to showcase Australia’s ingenuity and untapped potential.

With a panel of esteemed Australian innovation experts serving as judges, the competition will evaluate entries based on criteria such as market fit, customer support, and potential impact. A generous prize pool of $US150,000 will be distributed among five winners, selected for their outstanding demonstration of Australian innovation.

Kylah Morrison, General Manager – Skills and Innovation for Industry Growth Centre METS Ignited, expressed her enthusiasm for the competition, stating, “Through this competition, we are looking to celebrate Australian ingenuity and particularly those innovations that are hidden from view right across our economy. There are so many fantastic ideas being generated in our schools, universities, research organizations, and private companies around the country. My aim is to find them, celebrate them, and give them an opportunity to shape the future of Australia.”

The competition invites ideas from all industries and regions of Australia, emphasizing that no innovation is too big or too small to be considered for recognition. The organizers are especially interested in innovations that deliver tangible value to society, addressing challenges such as climate change, food production in extreme weather conditions like drought, and the application of emerging technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence.

Morrison encouraged innovators, saying, “If you have a great innovation that delivers tangible value to society, this is your opportunity to showcase your creation on a national stage, maximize your reach, and expand your potential impact for the benefit of all. Your innovation might contribute to the energy transition to help combat climate change, it might support food production in extreme weather conditions such as drought, or it might leverage emerging technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence in new ways. The sky is really the limit.”

The Australian Innovation Competition provides a platform for innovators across the country to gain recognition, support, and resources to further develop and implement their ideas. By harnessing the collective creativity and problem-solving abilities of Australians, the competition aims to drive positive change and contribute to the growth and advancement of various sectors.

As the competition gets underway, participants are encouraged to submit their innovations and share their vision for shaping a brighter future for Australia.



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