Ascender migrates payroll solution to AWS

Includes adoption of toolset for security, auditing, back-up, disaster recovery and related features.

Asia Pacific-based Human Capital Management (HCM) and payroll solution provider, Ascender has migrated its PeoplePay solution to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ascender has moved to the AWS Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) model, including the adoption of a  toolset for security, auditing, back-up, disaster recovery and related features as part of its unwavering commitment to continuously improve client experience.

The migration included the implementation of Amazon’s CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Web Application Firewall (WAF) to improve application security. Ascender also adopted technology from cutting-edge tools including CrowdStrike (anti-malware and virus protection), Druva (data back-up and management), Thycotic (privileged access management) and AlienVault (unified security management).

In its first month of operation, the new environment has exceeded performance expectations by delivering up to 70 per cent improvement in the processing time for key jobs, while also meeting all objectives for enhanced security, reliability, failover, and scalability.

PeoplePay supports the HR and Payroll needs of over 400 organisations in the APAC region said Inna Wahlberg general manager for Asia at Ascender.

“The complexity of multi-country HR and Payroll is a significant challenge for businesses in the Asia region, she said. “The move has been largely about bringing our customers the benefit of a significant advance in the underlying technology, being on AWS also opens up access to an array of complementary solutions.”

According to Wahlberg the migration was prepared over a period of six months, with the cut over being completed in an eight-hour window in early May 2020. The entire project was planned, managed and conducted in-house by Ascender’s IT and Product teams.

“AWS offers an industry leading range of Cloud Solutions and was able to match the ambition levels we had in mind for our PeoplePay platform, the cloud migration project, and our Infrastructure partner,” she said. “Ascender places the security and privacy of our Client data at the very top of our requirements list, followed by reliability, resilience, performance, scalability, and a range of related features, all of which were robustly covered by the AWS offering.”

The evaluation was conducted by Ascender’s Corporate IT team consultation with different areas of the business, including the Asia Product and IT team, and other teams in the business who will make use of AWS services at a future date, said Wahlberg.

Ascender PeoplePay is a cloud-based, multi-country, multi-currency and multilingual solution that is usable on any device, anytime and anywhere, enabling employees to prosper in 30 countries across Asia.





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