A safer and more secure future for Australia

The government is making new investments that align with their vision

The Australian Government has allocated an additional $US630 million to the Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Border Force to enhance Australia’s migration program and strengthen border and national security measures. These investments align with the government’s vision of a targeted and simplified migration system that serves the national interests and facilitates the integration of migrants into society and the economy. The key measures included in this investment are as follows:

Migration Program and Settlement Services: Approximately 70 per cent of places in the 2023-24 Permanent Migration Program will be allocated to the Skill stream to address skills shortages. Partner and child visas will continue to be demand driven. Efforts to address domestic skill deficits will be complemented by education, training, and sectoral reforms.

Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT): The TSMIT, which has been frozen for a decade, will be raised from $US53,900 to $US70,000 starting from July 1. This aims to eliminate wage suppression for both migrant and Australian workers.

Post-Study Work Rights: Temporary Graduate visa holders with select degrees will receive an additional two years of post-study work rights. This initiative aims to enhance the availability of skilled labour in key sectors.

Visa Processing and ICT Systems: An additional $US48.1 million will be allocated to support 500 visa processing officers, contributing to the management of visa applications. Furthermore, $US27.8 million will be invested in upgrading existing visa ICT systems to improve efficiency in visa service delivery and enhance Australia’s appeal to global talent, students, and tourists.

Youth Transition Support: $US9.1 million will be provided over 12 months to ensure the continuation of Youth Transition Support services. These services aim to improve employment, education, and social connections for refugees and vulnerable migrants aged 15 to 25.

Border Security: Additional funding will be allocated over the next two years to safeguard Australia’s borders. This includes maintaining the Airline Liaison Officer Program in the offshore network to deter and disrupt irregular travel. Furthermore, an initial investment of $US17.9 million in 2023-24 will be made to ensure the safety and global competitiveness of Western Sydney International Airport.

Critical Infrastructure and Systems of National Significance: $US19.5 million will be invested in managing threats to Australia’s critical infrastructure, enhancing security, and strengthening the resilience of systems and assets crucial to the nation’s functioning.

National Office for Cyber Security: In support of the establishment of a National Cyber Security Coordinator, the government will invest $US46.5 million over the next four years. This funding will facilitate leadership and coordination across the Australian Public Service in responding to major cyber security incidents. The National Office for Cyber Security will be established, and staff from the Department of Home Affairs will be assigned to bolster government information technology security.

Trade Modernisation: An allocation of $US8.0 million for 2023-24 will enable the Australian Border Force and Home Affairs to continue implementing whole-of-government reforms under the Simplified Trade System agenda. These reforms aim to diversify trade, improve supply chain productivity and resilience, and maintain effective border controls and community protection.



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