Taiwan DBS Bank continues to promote the “Future of Work” future office model

About 75 per cent of transfers are completed through online banking or mobile banking.

DBS Bank (Taiwan) has launched the Future of Work (FoW) plan in March 2021 in response to the preemptive deployment of the epidemic. On the premise of compliance with the regulations of the competent authorities, a 40 per cent Work from home during working hours, and the other 60 per cent work in the office as a new type of office model to enhance operational flexibility and resilience.

Considering the recent increase in the local epidemic situation in Taiwan, DBS Bank (Taiwan) also encourages customers to use zero-contact digital financial service channels to complete transactions and reduce physical contact opportunities to ensure safety and overcome the challenges of the epidemic.

Lin Xinchuan, general manager of DBS Bank (Taiwan), said that the epidemic has reversed the way people work and live, which once again reflects the importance of banks implementing digital transformation. As the world’s best digital bank, we continue to provide complete digital financial solutions, allowing customers to complete the banking services they need through safe and convenient digital channels during the epidemic. Since the outbreak of the local epidemic in Taiwan last May (2021), the proportion of DBS Bank (Taiwan) consumer money customers using various digital channels has grown significantly.

Currently, more than 70 per cent of wealth management transactions such as funds, foreign exchange, and about 75 per cent of transfers are completed through online banking or mobile banking; at the same time, more than 90 per cent of corporate customer financial transactions are completed through digital channels, which shows that both general customers and corporate customers are increasingly accepting and using digital finance. promote.

Facing the new normal after the epidemic, DBS Bank (Taiwan) has also continued to promote the “Future of Work” (FoW) future office model plan. Under the condition of compliance with laws and regulations, various departments will submit home-based work based on business attributes and manpower allocation status. Office planning can not only strengthen the digitalization of employees and ensure that the company can still operate normally through remote office in an emergency, but also create a pleasant and flexible work experience.

According to an internal survey of DBS Bank (Taiwan), up to 94 per cent of employees agreed with the company’s response to the epidemic during the epidemic prevention period, and affirmed that the software and hardware resources provided by the company can enable employees to work remotely from home in an instant and efficient manner . At the same time, employees also reported that the implementation of the “Future of Work” (FoW) future office model can reduce commute time, improve work flexibility and efficiency, and increase the time spent with family members.

In response to the threat of the Omicron variant virus, DBS Bank (Taiwan) will also strengthen the epidemic prevention of branches, and implement measures such as wearing masks throughout the process, text messaging system, temperature measurement, alcohol disinfection, and maintaining safe social distance, and call on the public to minimize physical transactions. , and use zero-touch digital financial channels to complete banking transactions and services to protect their own safety.

The complete digital financial services provided by DBS Bank (Taiwan) have been widely recognized by all walks of life. “DBS digibank” mobile banking specially designed for wealth management customers not only achieved a customer satisfaction rate of 94 per cent, but also won the “Best Experience Design Award” in the “Singapore Good Design Award” and “Best Digital Bank” in the Asian Banking and Finance Magazine. Project”, “The Asset” “Taiwan’s Best Mobile Banking App” and other awards. The corporate digital server was selected as “Taiwan’s Best Cash Management Bank” by Asian Banking and Finance Magazine and Global Finance Magazine and won the first place in customer selection in the “Euro Magazine” cash management customer survey.



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