Five ways software will accelerate sustainability

Technology has an outsized role in almost every aspect of sustainability

DXC Technology, a global technology services company, predicts that software will play a crucial role in creating a more sustainable future over the next five years. Henrik Hvid Jensen, Chief Technology Strategist at DXC, highlights five ways technology will drive sustainable development:

  • Adoption of circular economy business models: To build a competitive circular economy, companies need to maximize resource efficiency, develop recyclable products, and repurpose waste. Digital product passports (DPPs) can provide transparent records of a product’s sustainability attributes, and the European Union expects most products in the region to be covered by DPP regulation by 2030.
  • AI for natural resource management: AI will play a significant role in addressing environmental sustainability challenges such as biodiversity, energy, transportation, and agroecosystems. In agriculture, AI can improve environmental stewardship, disease detection, and automation. Data generated by technology can also influence policy decisions.
  • AI for renewable energy viability: Automation and data analytics can help manage decentralized energy sources, optimize energy distribution, and identify potential grid weaknesses. These technologies will be crucial as global renewable-electricity capacity is expected to rise significantly in the coming years.
  • Shift to software-defined electric vehicles (EVs): To reduce greenhouse emissions and city air pollution, regulators are implementing policies to limit the sale of new gas and diesel cars. The automotive industry is transitioning to EV manufacturing, and future EVs will be software-defined vehicles (SDVs) with capabilities for efficient management, smart routing, and energy optimization.
  • Re-engineering finance systems for energy efficiency: Banks and financial services organizations are prioritizing environmentally sustainable operations. More sustainable software, efficient algorithms, and better data processing are key to achieving this. The financial services sector is also reducing energy consumption in data centers through upgrades such as data deduplication, compression, and improved storage efficiency.

DXC Technology believes that as sustainability becomes the new standard, software will be central to creating a climate-secure and competitive future.



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