Ballina Shire Council improves council staff onboarding

New South Wales, Australia local govt improves accountability and reporting

Ballina Shire Council is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. The Council employs and manages a diverse workforce of over 350 employees and contractors in a variety of professions and working arrangements.

In 2019, Ballina Shire Council approached Pulse Software for a solution to overcome a set of challenges that were hindering their onboarding process. Council’s legacy paper-based system meant onboarding employees was time consuming and administrative.

Consequently, there were low levels of engagement during a repetitive peer-to-peer onboarding process as well as a lack of focus and alignment to corporate values and the organisation’s values, vision, and mission.

The manual workflows also resulted in little oversight on pre/post induction employee tasks, actions, and completion management, said Carol Ennis – business systems administrators/analyst at Ballina Shire Council.

d and aligned with their values and mission.

“We are advocates for features such as the ability to add a personalised welcome message from our General Manager, provide the employee with information needed for their first day (e.g. who their team are, where he or she will be working, where to park, etc.) as well as being able to clearly showcase the Council’s values and vision,” she said. “It also allows for a ‘self-paced’ approach to working through the onboarding information.”

The reduced manual administration ensured operational efficiencies that meant the team could continue to focus on their key role requirements and remain confident that new employees were receiving a positive introduction to the organisation.

Key outcomes from implementation:

  • A Cloud-based solution that could scale seamlessly as well as integrate with internal payroll and financial systems
  • Administrative efficiencies by retiring a paper-based system whilst also enhancing record keeping capabilities
  • Consistent onboarding, induction, and compliance standards as well as processes between individual divisions, departments, or business units



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