Third hyperscale data centre launched in Japan

Japan’s digital transformation demands see growth in data centres.

Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) has launched its Inzai 3 hyperscale data centre in Japan. The launch of Inzai 3 represents an expansion of Colt DCS’ Inzai campus, which already houses two other hyperscale facilities.

Between the three data centres, there is a total of 50MW of IT power available on the campus. In response to customer demand for larger data halls, Inzai 3’s data halls are 1,000sqm each, optimising space efficiency and enabling higher density compute at an average of 3.375kW per sqm.

Inzai 3 also employs the latest construction techniques to counteract the effects of any seismic activity in the region. The hyperscale superstructure sits on a system of seismic isolation mechanisms that will isolate the whole building from any seismic shifts and allowing it to move as one, rather than to sway. The result is a substantial reduction in the impact of any movement, protecting the building, customer hardware and staff on-site.

The new facility has been built to satisfy the growing demand for cloud-based solutions in the Japanese market. This is owing in part to the acceleration of Japan’s digital transformation, led by the country’s Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, and the Minister for Digital Transformation, Takuya Hirai.

The nation is committed to unlocking the benefits of digitisation, not only for the government but also the private sector in an effort to transform the economy and society as a whole.



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